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Teacher List

Grade 6th 

Teacher  Subject Email
Pond Math and Sciene
Lusk Social Science and Language Arts
Hobbs Math and Science
Donegan Social Science, Language Arts, and Science
Greene Language Arts and ELD


Grade 7th

Teacher Subject Email
Reeve Language Arts and Social Science
Bishop Social Science
Kinney Math


Grade 8th

Teacher Subject Email
Bishop Social Science
Bugayong Math
Kinney Math
Sierra Social Science
Machado Science
Manley Language Arts
McGowan Language Arts and ELD 


Mixed Grades

Teacher Subject Email
Cox Art
Marquetti Band
Brie P.E.
Maresca P.E.
Bunner P.E.
Maleta International Academy
Bruno International Academy
McCann HOH  
Miller SDC
Arias SDC
Le Fever RISE
Gutierrez RS                        
Pirl RS